Geneva attracts millions of tourists every day and it’s no wonder. Being surrounded by Jura and Alps mountains, Geneva is the city where you can explore the nature and you can have an unforgettable trip. Sometimes it’s hard to be


The trend of bikes has resurfaced in recent times and there are number of youngsters who prefer to travel with bikes for their daily travel. One of the best types of bike that has come to provide ease to bikers


Imagine watching the incredible display of gentle waves lapping against golden, sunny shores. The sun is often thought to shine the brightest above areas that are made of gold, at least in concept. Sydney, Australia is a city of metaphorical


We were 2 friends who did a trip to Kerala which was planned for a week. Since we were landing in Cochin only we planned to settle there for 2 days and booked this place for 2 days, basis the